2015-2016 SCHEDULE

*Home games appear in bold-red.

Date Opponent Time Result
Sat. Sep 26 University of Louisville 5:20pm  
Sun. Sep 27 University of Cincinnati 12:15pm  
Fri. Oct 2 University of Michigan N/A  
Sat. Oct 3 University of Michigan N/A  
Fri. Oct 16 Ferris State University 9:31pm  
Sat. Oct 17 Ferris State University 12:05pm  
Fri. Oct 23 Indiana University 9:30pm  
Sat. Oct 24 Indiana University 12:00pm  
Fri. Oct 30 University of Kentucky 12:00am  
Sat. Oct 31 University of Kentucky 9:45pm  
Fri. Nov 6 Lindenwood University 9:20pm  
Sat. Nov 7 Lindenwood University 12:10pm  
Fri. Nov 13 Ohio University 9:15pm  
Sat. Nov 14 Ohio University 2:30pm  
Fri. Nov 20 Ohio State University N/A  
Sun. Nov 22 Ohio State University 1:00pm  
Fri. Dec 4 Grand Valley State University 9:30pm  
Sat. Dec 5 Grand Valley State University 6:40pm  
Fri. Jan 15 University of Louisville 8:00pm  
Sun. Jan 17 University of Cincinnati 9:30pm  
Fri. Jan 22 Florida Gulf Coast University 8:30pm  
Sat. Jan 23 Florida Gulf Coast University 8:30pm  
Fri. Jan 29 Southern Illinois University 9:20pm  
Sat. Jan 30 Southern Illinois University 12:15pm  
Fri. Feb 5 Michigan State University 9:20pm  
Sat. Feb 6 Michigan State University 12:15pm  
Fri. Feb 12 University of Toledo 9:30pm  
Sat. Feb 13 University of Toledo 9:00pm  

Current Record: 0-0-0

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